Saturday, September 27, 2008


WARNING: Only 18 above....

yesterday was our last day at school.. its a Damn bloody fun day..
in the morning i thought that we don't have 2 study for the whole day!!
but then the teacher came to our class...bla..bla..bla..

After recess the muslims are going 2 surau and the school is ours!!!
we decided 2 have a pArtY !! YyeeAAaahhHH!!

Soo... this is my new video Taken on 26.09.08(yesterday)

"The Crew"
Camera~ Banana
Actor~sylerh ,yeong, me

Sooo... please leave your comments..
Thanks for Watching... hahaha....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

mYneW hObbY.....

now my new hobby is (JAMMING)
Wanna know how fun jamming?? juz follow us ..

the first time we jamm is on 6-8-08
the first thing that morning I and Nabil planing what song are we goint to play..
second thing is we ask people wanna follow or not..
then after school me and Naif go to my house, then 1 by 1 people come to my house
waiting waimin for so long like wanna left him only
finnaly arrive at the jamming studio
and that was my 1st time to play electric guitar a.k.a damn heavy..
all dunno what to do.. juz blurring around..
then jam until tak ingat dunia.. hehehe..

second time jamming was on 13-8-08
like usual always planning before do something
walking with Naif using school road... everybody asking where are you going??
then we just quiet only..
arrive at Ampang Point meet Nabil then eat at mamak shop while waiting the others
damn long ....
then enter the jamming studio and haziq starting to shuffling around like budak kampung...Lol..
starting was ok.. then Haziq go and break the drum steak and have to pay RM15 damn
then after jamm we go play futsal...

third time jamming was on 17-8-08
me, Nabil and Nabil's cousin
here where i started to feel the fun..

Band Crew (no name) havent think about it..
1. me(Rubenz) a.k.a Guitar 1

2. Nabil a.k.a Guitar 2
3. Haziq a.k.a Drummer (noob)
4. Naif a.k.a Guitar 3
5.Rasyid a.k.a Vocalist

Monday, July 7, 2008

mY nEw Ph0nE !!!!

Weee...... fInaly i have my new ph0ne.....
i bought this phone last week..
This phone was damn nice!!!

  1. 2 megapixel camera.... cool!!
  2. loud speaker.. damn loud!!!
  3. comes with 1GB memorycard!! (enought to put all my song.. lol..)
  4. Slim design..

wanna know more please see me... hahaha...

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Now i c0nfuse eiTher to buy Nokia5310 or Nokia5300???
cAn anYbody give mE an Idea??

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thing'S That I Hate and Like About Exams

...Things That I Hate...

1. Study so Hard till my brain feel like exploding

2.Cannot Online

3.No Phone

4.tuition for 4 or 5 hours a week

5.No Playing

...Things That I Like..

1.Go home early

2.No heavy bags

3.No school activity

Two Thing's That Sucks In my Life

The 1st thing that i feel very suck is, when i walk around with my friends and they asked me to do something stupid like naked,show my ***** and many more la.. dont wanna tell...

2nd is when im in primary school, it just after UPSR my teacher told us to do some show in front of all student.
we just thinking of what to do.. and some stupid people told us to do dances...then we all agree....
we practice for 2 weeks and i was blurring... then the time has come ...
first the show was okay every thing was just fine,then suddently some one step on my shoes and i fall down..
dammn maluuu....!!!